Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


Following the first confirmation of novel coronavirus in an adult in Shelby County over the weekend, we’d like to share some information about prevention, testing and treatment for our patients and families.

Please call before coming in to our offices if you or your child has been exposed to the new coronavirus or traveled internationally and you have symptoms such as fever, chills or cough. At this time, we do not have testing capabilities. However, if you give us a call, our nurses will assess the situation and direct you to the most appropriate place for evaluation and/or prepare for your arrival.

Our number is 901-377-2711.

This new coronavirus does not seem to be impacting children as severely as adults, and for most adults, this virus will cause flu-like symptoms. If your child has a cold and fever, our recommendation is to keep them at home and treat fevers for children younger than 6 months with Tylenol and older than 6 months with Tylenol or Motrin.

Please give us a call to be seen if your child has the following symptoms:

  • respiratory distress, including a barking cough, increased work of breathing, or cough that interferes with sleep or play
  •  Any fever greater than 100.4 in a baby younger than 60 days old.
  • Dehydration
  • Sore throat in the absence of cold symptoms
  • Ear pain for more than 2 days in kids older than 2 years, or in conjunction with a fever in kids younger than 2 years
  • Fever above 100.4 for more than 5 days in children older than 60 days old.

To help prevent the spread of this virus, please practice thorough hand washing, cover coughs and stay at home from school or work if sick.



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